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MA A2 417 (Bâtiment MA)
+41 21 69 32578
GROSS Léonard
MA A2 417 (Bâtiment MA)
+41 21 69 32075

What we can do for you :

  • Create your EPFL Gaspar account (GASPAR is the password and authentication manager for users at EPFL.)
  • Create your EPFL email address.
  • Register your private laptop (you need to fill this document first). This will give you the possibility to install softwares on and use the wired network.
  • Install some commercial softwares from (Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, …).
  • Give you access to a personnal storage.
  • Connect to the closest printer.
  • Help you get started with your website.
  • Everything related to computers. We can try to help you or redirect to the adequate service.